PC Service

Annual Service

We offer a complete 'overhaul' of your computer - we remove any risky software which may have invaded your machine, install the latest security software, optimise its performance and test the hardware for faults. We recommend this every year as a new 12 month Anti-Virus license is included.



Do you have adverts popping up on your screen? Are they warning you that you are at risk until you pay? The most common cause for this is spyware.  It is similar to a virus in that it can 'sneak' onto your Pc, and will often try to steal your financial information.


Slowing Down...

Is your computer slowing you down? Does your computer or laptop need some TLC? This is where the benefit of a service could really help - over time, windows gets clogged up with temporary files and gradually gets slower and slower.  We can increase the RAM or upgrade the Hard Drive if necessary, but often our 'clean-up' will restore its original performance.